My Shop

My passion for woodworking was originally inspired back in grade school as a result of a combination of Boy Scouts and middle school shop class.  Those years were plagued with inadequate tools and a lack of the instant source of information we call the internet, but I always knew I wanted to get serious.  Then in 2011, I had the space and money to start building my shop.  From there…I guess “the rest is history.”

I have to give a special shout-out to my Norfolk friends who were my first customers and encouraged me to take on for-profit work.

My Current Shop

Currently, I work out of a 600 sq-ft shop in the basement of our home.  The shop is set up for an optimal workflow and is a huge improvement over my previous shops.  I have everything I need to accomplish most projects, but of course, there is always room for more toys.  I recently finished building a proper workbench to compliment my Adjust-a-Bench.  Prior to that, I upgraded my 13” Ryobi planer (original 2011 shop) to an 18” Woodmaster combination machine.

Ask me about my dust collection!